"I never wanted to hire a lawyer, and I almost didn't. Thinking a high level of documentation and organization made me well-equipped to handle my own wage claim, I assumed things would go relatively smoothly. When it became clear that the process was going to be more difficult that I thought, a respected colleague enthusiastically recommended that I contact Helen."

"Without knowing what to expect, I was relieved to witness the quality of Helen's personal values through her actions. One of my fears about hiring a lawyer was that I would be represented inaccurately, and that my case could take a dishonorable turn for the sake of winning."

"From our initial consultation to my final hearing date, Helen extinguished those fears by reinforcing my confidence, keeping me fully informed, and focusing on making sure I knew what to expect at all times."

"Helen was always available to talk with me about my case. While her invaluable insight remained ever present, she made it clear that I had the final say on every decision that pertained to my case."

"Now that my case has finished, I can look back at the entire process objectively--and it is abundantly clear that I would not have been successful without Helen. Her knowledge is encyclopedic in its depth and diversity. She maintains an impressive level of organization and efficiency throughout the entire process."

"When character, principle, and expertise are concerned, the Law Office of Helen Marsh is as good as it gets." – J.S.